Car rental service
Customers get the car they want - you make a profit

What is RentService24?

RentService24 is an international car rental service that allows rental companies to get additional customers. Following features makes RS24 different from other systems::

  • customer can order a specific car with specific characteristics, rather than an abstract “class representative”
  • the probability of the order is 99%
  • time to real confirmation of reservation - no more than 3 hours
Personal account

Once company receive new order, it can perform the following actions:

  • Accept order
    Having accepted the order, you get access to the customer’s data, after which you can directly discuss the details of the order with him.
  • Cancel order
    If you reject the order or ignore it within 30 minutes, it will be automatically sent to other rental companies. *
  • Suggest an alternative
    Offer the customer an alternative car if the one they ordered is not available. The order will also be sent to other rental companies. *

* When the order is sent to other rental companies, understanding the rental parameters and the requested car, they offer cars from their fleet. At the same time, they can manage the price offer for this request. After that, the customer selects the best offer, and the rental company gets access to the customer’s data.

Exchange of orders between companies

Is there an order but no car? Sell it for a commission!

Customer benefits
    • Complete information about the car

      On the RentService24 service, you can provide complete information about each of your vehicles, so that customers can choose the vehicle that best suits their needs and capabilities.

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    • Order tracking

      In the “My order” section, the client can get detailed information about his order: information about the rented car, order amount, status, list of additional services. Also, the client has the opportunity to cancel the order.

    • Access from any device

      The RentService24 system is adapted to work on all types of devices. This guarantees ease of use anywhere and anytime.

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Benefits for rental companies
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      • You get the opportunity to reduce advertising costs;
      • Your offers become available to a large audience of customers;
      • You have the opportunity to receive an outstanding order from a competitor (missed, no car, another reason ...) - the order will automatically go to all participants of the RentService24 system;
      • You receive a stream of orders, paying exclusively for completed ones, i.e. funds are spent purposefully;
      • You get the opportunity to rent your car under %% of another rental company;
      • Convenient interface of a personal account, simplicity in accounting and mutual settlements.

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